Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Easter baskets are ready...

...and this little guy is ready to hop in. I crocheted him for Anne's basket, and his pattern is available for free.

At the last minute, I also ordered Magnificat's new stations of the cross book for children, The Way of the Cross. Henry had just asked me to get him a stations of the cross book, so it was fortuitous timing when it showed up on my Facebook feed. I don't know that it will come before Easter, but I'm excited to get it when it does come.

In other news, I'm slowly draining (gosh that sounds gross, sorry about that). My nasal congestion is MUCH better today, although the coughing situation is about the same. My sore abdominal muscle is still quite bad, so I'm hoping that heals soon. I don't have dance this week since we're off while our teacher decorates the new studio and gets it ready, and that timing works out well. I don't want to pull anything that is already in tenuous shape. And certainly, belly dancers use their bellies. :)

Just trying to hang in there, as each day I should be getting better and better...

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