Friday, March 15, 2013

I just love this guy

The more I read about the new pope, the more I love him. He cracks jokes. He prays at Marian shrines. He hurried out to the balcony right after he was elected when others wanted him to delay because it was raining and he didn't want to keep the people outside waiting. He rides the bus rather than go in a private car. He pays his own hotel bill.


So far, so good. I think we got a good one. I really believe that Pope Francis was the Holy Spirit's choice.

I'm terribly excited for his installation Mass coming up Tuesday. In the mean time, I have a LOT of crocheting to do to prepare for Easter. Sigh. I always take too much on. This year, I did well for Christmas, but I overextended for Easter. Henry's crab is almost done, but I want to make Anne a chick which I haven't even started yet. I'm also still working on spring birthday gifts and a shrug that I want to wear on Easter day.


I have all next week, then it's Holy Week (!) so I *should* get everything done. I hope.

This weekend, we're going to do a nice St. Patrick's Day meal on Sunday and make a green cake. It should be a good one. And I'm staying riveted to EWTN watching new pope coverage.

Life is good.

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  1. Me too! He's just so cute! And humble! And unpredictable!

    My FB friends are all going to be so annoyed with me; I post a new Pope Francis link or meme every 12 seconds or so. Now I want to buy his book on Kindle. Yes, I know it's in Spanish ... but I'll have you know I can sort of read Spanish! If I have a dictionary at least.


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