Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Our wait continues...

I was awake at the early hour of 6 am EDT fumbling with my remote to tune in to Chimney Watch 2013. If you are not following @ConclaveChimney over on Twitter you are seriously missing out, let me tell you. That thing cracks me up.

Anyway, I digress. Happily, EWTN had a live camera on the chimney that it was displaying in a corner over the top of it's regular programming. I watched some woman play the organ while staring at the chimney cam. Soon, I had to get Henry up and on his way to getting dressed or that child would never drag himself out of bed.

I did so, and as I returned to begin dressing the big moment came: Gray smoke. Gray?! Wha... Oh, it's black, yes, very black. I wasn't surprised. In fact, I think it's better that they take more time. The soonest I expect while smoke is in the afternoon votes today, so no biggie. You can get I'll be at my computer nearly peeing my pants this afternoon.

I also heard about (thanks Amy!) and signed up to receive a text message when white smoke appears above the Sistine Chapel, on the off chance that I'm not acting all stalkerish on my computer when the Big Moment comes.

This afternoon is an important vote. I believe this was the time in the last Conclave that Pope Benedict XVI was elected. I think it's fine if the smoke is still black, but it'll be hard to wait yet another day for more results. The humanity!


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