Tuesday, March 12, 2013



That is the question of the day, to be sure. But seriously, how can I not be? THIS IS HISTORIC, PEOPLE. I'm writing a book review in between my stalking, I promise.

I went for my knitting lunch at 1 pm, and was anxious to return to smoke watch an hour later. 
I was simultaneously tweeting and wrestling with Vatican tv when word came in that black smoke was rising from our precious chimney atop the Sistine Chapel. Smoke?! How could I not have a live feed?!

This is going to be a problem. It took several attempts before I forced the Vatican feed to allow me to see the shot of the chimney. Apparently the cardinals didn't want to leave anything to chance this year: people were reporting a voluminous cloud of black smoke coating St. Peter's Square, and the chimney was having to defend itself against some people tweeting about pollution, lol. Suddenly, I love Twitter.

Ok, so the word on the street is that the morning ballot will take place at approximately 4:30 am EDT and we can expect smoke sometime after 7 am here on the east coast. I'll still be at home inevitably packing my lunch and reading to Anne then so she's going to have to live with watching something, anything, that will show us the chimney cam. Maybe EWTN will come to our rescue? I'd think the cable news networks are going to just cut away and show us once the smoke appears. I don't know, BUT I'LL BE STALKING, rest assured.

Just in case you didn't know already: I AM SO EXCITED.

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