Friday, March 22, 2013

Holy Week plans

Big news:

My Easter crafting is done. I know that you were just as concerned about that as I was.


Anne's chick looks *fabulous*. I'll photograph him this weekend and post on Monday. I've now started on some baby knitting for a shower I've been invited to in mid-April. I'm making an Elizabeth Zimmerman "Baby Surprise Jacket", a coordinating hat, and a teddy bear, if all goes according to plan. Which it sometimes doesn't.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend. My NCAA tournament bracket is currently doing well, but as is often the case, that could change any SECOND. Every year I threaten to not fill out a bracket (Mike hosts a pool every year) because I invest all this energy into filling it out despite the fact that I know nothing about college basketball, get all emotionally invested, and then throw swear words around left and right when inevitably the upsets that I picked don't upset and other upsets that I didn't pick take out my Sweet 16 selections one by one. BUT THEN. There will be renewed hope due to a myriad of factors, I will re-invest my energy, only for it to be killed in the Final 4. I will swear off filling out a bracket ever again because I never win money, but I will repeat the pattern 12 months later. It's a sickness.

So, besides basketball, I'm looking forward to Palm Sunday Mass on Sunday. I'm bringing both children, so please pray for me.

I'm also starting a novena to Mary Undoer of Knots beginning tomorrow. Anybody want to join? It'll wrap up on Easter Sunday. See the link for the full prayers.

I'm looking forward to our first Holy Week with Pope Francis, and I see that EWTN will air his Palm Sunday Mass several times. I'm loving all of this Catholic coverage, Ive been in a super happy Catholic bubble lately.

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