Below are the chaplets that I currently pray throughout the year. Would you like to join me? Now you can!

Each chaplet entry has a video introduction to the type of beads used, and the structure of the prayers. Then, there is a downloadable audio file of the prayers so that you and I can pray together. Fab, right?

*To download the audio file, select the column icon (it will say "See more Formats at Internet Archive" when you hover over it) to head over to the hosting page. From a desktop: right click on the MP3 option on the right side of the screen, and select "Save Link As..." Then save the file to your computer or connected device. From your mobile device: click on the mp3 file, then press and hold on the play arrow. An option to save the file will come up.

For any of these chaplets, if you'd like to purchase your own in custom colors, I can personally vouch for the beautiful work of Allison Kinyon of Rosaries by Allison, and Carm from Unbreakable Rosaries.

I'll continue to add to this page, so check back regularly! So far we have recordings for: Our Lady Star of the Sea, St. Therese, St. Anne, St. Kateri Indian Rosary, St. Dymphna, Our Lady of the Snows, Divine Mercy, St. Cecilia, 7 Sorrows of Mary, St. Monica, St. Mary Magdalene, Sacred Heart, and St. John Paul II. Coming soon: St. Philomena, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Joseph

Our Lady Star of the Sea (Stella Maris)

St. Therese

St. Anne 


St. Kateri Indian Rosary 


St. Dymphna 


Our Lady of the Snows 


Divine Mercy 


St. Cecilia 


7 Sorrows of Mary 


St. Monica 


St. Mary Magdalene


Sacred Heart


St. John Paul II


More Chaplets coming soon!


  1. I love you ladies so much! Can't wait to pray with you!

  2. Thanks for making these available. I prayed the St. Anne and St. Cecilia chaplets in the car yesterday.

  3. Melanie, this warms my heart to hear! This is exactly what I was hoping for. <3

  4. Thank you so much for posting these. I love this! You and I will be praying various chaplets together as I drive to and from work. I actually just sent Allison a request for a Chaplet of Saint Monica. You not only expanded my horizons regarding introduced me to Rosaries by Allison.

  5. Antonia, WELCOME!! I'm so glad that you found me! And Allison, well... Prepare for this to be the start of a lovely addiction. ;-)

  6. I love this page so much! I'm a Catholic n00b (official this past Easter Vigil, lol) and am still working out what is what, who is who, a novena from a chaplet, etc. lol I just love that you have separate chaplets for each one. I honestly didn't know that some have more or less prayers, different numbers of OF vs HM, etc. This page has been SO helpful, you have no idea. Can't wait to see the new ones coming. :D

    I've started plugging in my headphones and listening to your audios while surfing the web. lol Any chance of a post or vlog re: your collection of rosaries/chaplets and how you store them? I think in one of your videos you mentioned a rotating storage for the car?

    Also, and this might be a bizarre question, but is it possible to create a chaplet or modify for a saint that doesn't have one? My patron saint isn't one of the more popular ones, lol. Is that even okay to ask??? LOL

    Love your blog, I keep coming back to it. Thanks for sharing these things!!! <3

  7. MAGGI!! So excited that you left this comment. *beams* I am THRILLED that you find this page helpful! It was my summer project last year, and it really gave me my start with learning to play with and edit video and audio. It was helpful to me in that regard, plus I loved sharing my own affection for varied chaplets. My hope was that it would have a long tail effect of helping others to pray. <3

    I haven't added to this page in some time, but I DO plan to do so in the months ahead! So, as for a post on storing chaplets, sure! Likely a Tea Time post. Maybe this week! For saints without a chaplet (so sad!) I don't see why you couldn't create your own way of asking for their intercession! Usually chaplets are based upon something in that saint's life (the number of years of their life being the total number of beads, or something like that). You could adapt a chaplet that way. As well, I've had Allison find all sorts of obscure saint rosary centerpieces for me, and then when I pray with that rosary, I also ask for the intercession of that saint. There is a store that she has found that has TONS of saint centerpieces that you don't normally see. OR, you could attach that saint's medal to a rosary and use it in the same way. Does that make sense? :0

    If you're on Twitter, definitely follow me there! I'm on there a lot, and it's a nice & convenient place to chat. :)

  8. Thanks so much Tiffany! :D I chose St Jane Frances de Chantal for a myriad of great reasons but finding her stuff...not so easy. lol I'll have to check with Allison when she's back up for custom orders. Love what's she's created for you! Grabbed you on Twitter! :D

  9. Maggi, let me do a little St. Jane research. Librarian, reporting in for duty!!! :0

  10. Okay, you can't see me right now, but I'm totally doing an excited happy dance. Actually, it basically looks like this: No obligation of course! Thanks for thinking of me!

  11. Hi Maggi!

    In terms of a novena, I found this:

    This is a YouTube video of someone praying the rosary, also asking for the intercession of St. Jane Frances:

    ...which is one of the ideas I mentioned above. We should ask Allison if she can score a St. Jane Frances rosary centerpiece!

    #rosarynerd :0

  12. Thank you Tiffany!! I had seen the prayers but not the video, that helps thank you!!!!!!! It's starting to make more sense now, I think your "workaround" will be the best bet! lol :D

  13. Digging deeper I read that she had devotions to Sacred Heart and the Heart of Mary so I could just incorporate her prayer at the end of one of those, right? Thanks for your assistance and input! :D

  14. Maggi, ooooooo! And there's a Sacred Heart Chaplet! Check out my video on that one, yay!!

  15. yes yes yes I think that might solve it! lol

  16. Tiffany, I have tried a few ways to find you just to thank you. I sent a message on Hangouts. I subscribe to your YouTube channel. I found the chaplet of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the archive website. It's been such a sweet blessing for over a year now. Many blessings to you! Kim

    1. Kimberly,

      Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words! <3

  17. Do you have a Facebook page Tiffany?

    1. Hi Kimberly!

      I have a group for blog followers! It's:

    2. Great, thanks Tiffany! I have submitted a join request. You will see me as Kim Parncutt as I have had a name change.

  18. I have made about 30 different chaplets that I have found on the internet or in books. I also have made up about 5-7 chaplets when I wanted to make one for myself, or others, but I could not find anywhere. Several years ago I made a JPII chaplet with one bead for each year of his papacy. Jackie


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