Monday, May 15, 2023

Fifth Sunday after Pascha - Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

We've been doing lots of gardening these days!
 Hello everyone! I'm running a little behind this week, sorry about that! I meant to get this post up last Friday, and only today realized that I never finished and published it. 


So I have a bit of catching up to do! But here we are, together again with our quick weekly update. Spring is really blossoming around here in WNY, and we're enjoying the sunshine and fresh air that it brings. Including Barney! 😁

Springtime in our Byzantine rite parish is dawning with lots of talk of bringing back more in person events to continue to try and recover from the financial damage the pandemic wrought. The parish is so small at this point in terms of active families that the future is a bit unknown, but we're all praying for the best. 🙏 So that's really the big focus right now. 

For our part, we're continuing to enjoy the Divine Liturgy and our weekly ritual of attending there. The kids and I go out for coffee afterwards each week, and they also enjoy that quite a bit. This week, the parish hosted a coffee hour after liturgy, so we attended that. We had our baked goods donation in tow, and were warmly embraceed and welcomed. I'm hoping for many, many more of these to come in the future! 

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