Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The doors are closed!

I'm so excited I can hardly type. I just watched the entire procession and oath taking ceremony live from the Sistine Chapel. I'm burning up my Twitter feed after lying dormant for something like 2 years. @ConclaveChimney is hard at work reporting in.

I found a Vatican tv feed to watch. Is it just me, or is the Vatican web site not all that easy to navigate? I watched it on a third party site. Right now Vatican Radio looks like the place to be for streaming.

I also just adopted a cardinal to pray for. PRECIOUSNESS!! You can too by going here.

I don't know what to do with myself right now. Right. I should be working.


  1. Re the Vatican website--bwahahaha!

    (That was a laugh in solidarity.)

    Father Z over at WDTPRS swears that the Vatican's policy on technology is "Yesterday's technology tomorrow!" Also, I read a blog by a Canadian journalist in Italy. She's in Rome right now to report on the Conclave, and described the technology setup for the journalists who have come in as consisting of a giant room with a grand total of 30 ancient PCs, all with either Spanish or Italian keyboards. The journalists can't use their own laptops because there is no wifi signal available, even with mobile internet sticks. Etc, etc.


    I love the Conclave Chimney twitter feed, too--so awesome!

  2. www.popealarm.com will send you a text or email when we have a new pope! There is also a fantasy pope league which is all in good fun. I am loving this Conclave! Another great resource you might like is www.piercedhands.com


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