Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm overwhelmed

If this is how I feel, I can't even imagine how the new pope feels.

Wow. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, now Pope Francis. The first Jesuit pope in history. 

I got tears in my eyes when I first spotted him on the balcony, after saying several *very bad* words because my feed had just frozen. I will have you know that I recovered quickly from my free fall into panic mode. How could my feed freeze THEN?!

My first impression: he seems very humble and prayerful. From popular surmise, he is very doctrinally orthodox. He's older than I thought he would be, but that's no matter.

I like him very much. It's hard to compare anybody to my beloved John Paul II, but I have a good feeling about this pope. A very good feeling.


  1. the Pope App was completely useless. I found out the news from our intern who got an email from her fiance.
    That's what I get for not having Twitter open.

  2. I concur whole heartedly. I really like him so far. I love how humble he is not having lived in the big house or using the limo that was provided for him as a Cardinal. He seems more charismatic than Benedict which I missed from him after John Paul. I have a really really good feeling about him so far and I am excited to learn more about him!


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