Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great, now my throat is sore, but some Easter crafting...


I was feeling worn out all night long, and that has persisted into the morning. I felt that insidious tickle in my throat as I was getting ready for bed last night, which can't possibly be a good sign. Mike is feeling chilled, achey and miserable. Henry is coughing. Anne didn't sleep for more than an hour or two at a time last night and has a persistently gunky nose.

It's all fun and games at my house right now.

But I did curl up with Anne and watch some of the inaugural Mass last night on EWTN. We saw the pope praying at the tomb of St. Peter and the procession of all the cardinals outside. After the kids were in bed, I peeked back in to see part of the pope's homily. I enjoyed.

I'm hoping that the household recovers quickly, but I have been able to work on my knitting and crocheting in the evenings, and here are a few of my creations.

An Easter shrug that I knit for myself:

And the crab Henry's been wanting, for his Easter basket:

The other things that I've been working on are birthday gifts that I can not as yet reveal, but will at a later date. :)

And here is a cute picture of the kids, because I haven't posted any recent ones in awhile:

From a moment when Henry is actually tolerating Anne.

We're hanging in there.

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  1. Sick kids are the pits! I hope everyone is feeling better soon. The shrug is lovely, and the crab looks like a lot of fun. Have you read the transcript of Pope Francis's homily from the inaugural Mass? It was well done and, dare I say, charming.


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