Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday {Take 4}

-1- It's been hot here. HOT. For those of you who know me, you know that I despise heat. I feel totally justified in complaining about this since I do NOT complain about the winter. I hear lots of people say "don't complain about the heat, because in 6 months we all risk becoming frozen to the landscape and not being found until spring, and then you'll complain about THAT, so shut up already!" Well, bring on the snow and ice baby, I don't mind that at all. What I do mind is feeling gross all the time and sweating *even in the shower*. I mean, *shudder of revulsion*.

It also doesn't help that we have a 2 year old that likes to throw herself on the floor and have temper tantrums, making her EVEN MORE sweaty and miserable on a daily basis. Anybody whose child watches The Fairly Oddparents knows fairy baby Poof on there (ADORABLE) and his anti-fairy nemesis, Foop. Therefore, we call this sweaty, out of control version of Anne, "Enna."

-2- The heat also makes it tough to dance, but we have tons of performances coming up, so I'm going to have to come up with a plan for this. Usually it involves shutting my door at lunchtime and dancing in my office. We have a big festival next weekend, which involves both group numbers and solos. I picked a Middle Eastern pop song and am going to improvise for a solo, but I haven't yet actually danced to the song, which is a little scary with the performance only a week away. Improvisation leads to all sorts of frightening last minute choices and dancing by the seat of your pants. Back in my day of carefully choreographed movements, from arm position to time for breathing, I never would have thought this possible. We've even improvising during our *group* balancing number, this should be entertaining. Claire didn't want to subject us to using our brand new Wings of Isis in outdoor conditions (can you imagine this on a windy day?!) so we're keeping our trays on our heads and traveling together for 8 counts, followed by 8 counts of individual improvisation. It actually works pretty well. The studio will be roasting tonight though, sigh.

-3- In other hobby news, I talk often on this blog about my spiritual reading, but I rarely talk about fiction anymore, and I do love to read fiction. I have quite a love affair with Amish fiction. Very sweet romances with strong character development, and I just love the cozy settings. The book I'm currently reading on my Kindle is Falling to Pieces: A Quilt Shop Murder (A Shipshewana Amish Mystery), by Vanetta Chapman. It's very cute. It's the first in a series of 3 books set in Shipshewana, Indiana, focusing on the local Amish community and a non-Amish woman from Texas who comes to take care of her deceased aunt's affairs, including her Main Street quilt shop.

-4- I've also been knitting.

Now that I've finished my official summer top for 2013, I'm on to Christmas crafting in July. Yes, I did place a yarn order, but only for planned gifts that I didn't have the appropriate fiber and quantity for. I feel very virtuous about this. I'm going to be starting on Mike's gift as soon as the yarn arrives, and in celebration of our 10th Christmas together, he's going to be gifted with something in cashmere (and the color I chose for him was on sale, score!). I also have a boatload of dish cloths to crochet, baby sweaters to knit, and several pairs of socks to cast on for. My needles and hooks will be flying.

-5- Speaking of Christmas, the online Fontanini store is having their annual Christmas in July sale, and I couldn't resist picking up some pieces for Hank that I will give him for his birthday in November (I ordered Wednesday, and they're already out for delivery today! They're so fast!!). He received a beautiful Fontanini nativity set last year, along with accompanying Wise Men, shepherds, animals, and angels (the grandmothers got in on the action as well). This year, he asked for a corral for the animals, since there isn't a lot of room for them over by the Holy Family. They need their own digs, now they have them. I also started on the Bethlehem village by purchasing the wine maker's shop, the vineyard worker, and a wine press. We got a free tiny campfire with our order. :) SO excited to give him everything. He would bring out his nativity right now if he could, it's all we can do to hold him off until November, let alone Advent.

-6- I have been loving my new eternity veil from the Liturgical Time shop.

I'm thinking that Advent might be a great time to add to my collection. :) The question then becomes: purple or silver?

-7- The other day I was on an evening reference shift, which was deader than a doornail. To amuse myself, I perused the web sites of monastic communities. I realize that this isn't what most people do in their spare time, but what can I say? I made some interesting discoveries. First, if I had become a nun, I would have most certainly inquired at the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. They are contemplatives, but they also teach in local Catholic schools, and they are Dominican, so they are right up my alley. Plus, they have those gorgeous white and black Dominican habits. :) Get this: this is a contemplative community, very structured and traditional. Yet, since their founding in 1997, they have grown from 4 sisters to *120.* The average age of their sisters is *28* and the average age of new entrants is 21. I mean, did you ever? Who says religious life is dying?

Relatedly, based on this, and other contemplative communities' web sites, it appears that I am officially too old to apply. :) 35 was the oldest upper limit they recommended for entrance. The death of a dream!

Ok, that's it for today. For Monday, expect a Catholic Nook post from Shauna'h, which I have in my hot little hands, and it's *wonderful*! Very personal and engaging. Talk to you all then!

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  1. Nice knitting! That top is cute.

    Do you know the story of St. Rita? She tried to get into the convent for years until two SAINTS finally got her past the gates. Don't give up! ;)

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    It is difficult raising teens in today's world. It is also difficult to find a way to talk with them without it being stilted and preachy! Maybe reading these books and then just discussing them on a car ride or sitting at the kitchen table would be a great way to begin these difficult situations.

    They are available at

    Thank you so much for your blog.

  3. I have met some of the Domincan Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist. They are really wonderful. It is one of the orders that my daughter is contemplating joining. :)

  4. I'm so excited for your daughter, Kate! Keep us posted!

  5. There is a nun at my parish (our parish secretary) who officially took her vows about 3 or 4 years ago (I forget exactly how long it's been). Anyway, she's a grandmother!! Her order is based up in Canada somewhere and they specifically take women who are older, usually widowed or just never got married and find a call to monastic life late in life. They have the choice to continue living in the world or living at the monastery up in Canada (I think maybe Nova Scotia??). Anyway, she has retained her given name, but if she ever chose to move up to the monastery I believe they receive a new name at that point. They have a lovely blue habit, full habit and everything. I wish I could remember the name of the order. It's something to do with the Holy Cross. They always all get together at the monastery in Canada once a year in September for a week around the order's feast day.


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