Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Christmas in July, knitting style

I like to be choosy and temperamental about my knitted gifts

Every year, I make a list. That sounds very orderly, doesn't it? A list. And I'm an orderly person (read: obsessive/compulsive). I make a list of the items that I want to knit and/or crochet for my those that I love at Christmas. A list will assure that I can check items off as I make them, keep track of things, and assure that nothing and nobody gets forgotten. This is all very reasonable sounding.

I usually make this list in the fall. However, I like to think that I gain wisdom with age (we'll ignore the fact that it's taken me years to figure this out; Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D don't let the title fool you, read on about the Christmas Tweed Sweater), and so this year I'm making the list in the *summer*. Smarty pants, yes I am.

But the problem is, dear reader, that I tend to, you know, OVERDO IT. I start the list and it suddenly takes on a life of it's own. I mean, how can I leave out my co-worker's new baby, and somebody asked me for mittens, and my dad needs a fishing hat, and Hank wants new socks, and wouldn't Anne look adorable in that? and the TWINS, my God, the possibilities with yarn.

So I thought I would start nice and early this year with my list of hopefuls. That way I can excise things that clearly denote that I must have been drinking when I decided to add it to my queue and have this all worked out long before the cold weather gets here and I begin to panic.

Ok, so let's see:

Mike - Mr. Rogers-style cardigan. He asked for one, and I think that's adorable. I have the yarn, and it's smashing. I'm knitting this.

Anne - Rainbow cardigan, watermelon hat, mittens, maybe a stuffed bear and/or a saint doll. All right, already I can see that I'm getting carried away. There is no way in tarnation that she will wear mittens, so scratch that. But definitely the hat. I'd love the cardigan and toys. Sigh.

Henry - Socks. He keeps claiming that he wants me to make him some crocheted food, but I'm having a difficult time picturing this actually coming to fruition. Mostly because I doubt that he will actually do anything with aforementioned crocheted food besides stick it on top of his already very crowded dresser top.

Various relatives that I see on Christmas Eve - Dishcloths using some cool patterns that I'm jonesing to try.

Twin nephews - A sweater and a hat per baby.

Mom - Socks.

Mother-in-law - new kitchen cloths and towels.

Christmas exchange gift for a knitting group member yet to be determined - cannot release secret. :)

It's also possible that I could be lured into an Advent knit-along over at the Catholic group on Ravelry, because I mean, seriously, that's like my whole reason for living.

Ok, that doesn't seem so bad. But this of course isn't taking into account the things that I'd like to make for myself this fall and winter. Should I publish that list? That could get embarrassing, because I already own the yarn for all of it, and then that would show you all how much yarn I actually own. Not a good thing.

I mean, the sheer volume of socks and sweaters in my personal queue? A belly dance coverup? Afghan kits that have been waiting patiently for my attention? Shawls? Yes, let's not go there.

Well, this has been educational. It seems doable, but then again my lists always seem doable prior to November 1st.

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