Monday, July 1, 2013

Of Mass with children and veils: The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Yesterday, I was feeling emboldened and decided to tote Anne along to Mass with Henry and I. I know that I should be taking her every week, but well, sometimes I lack courage. :) Previously, her nap and my teaching Children's Liturgy of the Word had interfered with my bringing her, but now neither of those is an issue. So, I packed up her sippy cup and some Catholic board books and away we went.

After we settled into a pew I pulled my eternity veil up over my head, which immediately caught Anne's attention.

"Mommy. Take it OFF."

Anne thinks that anybody wearing *anything* on their heads is cruel and unusual punishment. I thought that she would try and grab it and pull it off, but she didn't. Toddlers will never cease to surprise you. :)

So, this is the story of our Mass:

The opening hymn begins. Anne allows me to hold her until around the time of the Gloria, and then she demands to get down. Putting her down results in immediate enaction of her trademark: climbing. The pew, the kneeler, her diaper bag, the holder for the missalettes. Attempting to re-pick her up results in a limp, squirmy body and a thinly veiled threat of a scream. Hence, I tried to leave her alone as long as she not being disruptive, and she *was* quiet. But she's just so ACTIVE. Climb kneeler, bounce around. Climb pew. Get in face of woman behind us to wave hello. Climb down. Go out into aisle to trace the wooden cross on the end with her finger and dance a bit. Climb pew. Demand a snack. And so on and so on.

Henry, for his part, innocently reads along in his missal with a halo over his head until Anne comes within touching distance. That immediately sets off the Operation Let's Annoy Anne! chain of events every.single.time.

We did make it to the end of Mass with:

(a) only 2 hissed threats of "STOP IT!" coming from your Catholic Librarian,

(b) no one having to be dragged from the church in disgrace, and

 (c) my veil staying on my head until the closing hymn.

I consider that a win.

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