Thursday, July 18, 2013

There is something wrong with this juice...

Conversation heard at my home yesterday morning:

*pitter patter of little feet*

*Anne hands me her princess sippy cup*

"Anne don't like this."

"Oh Sweetie, why not?"

I'm bluffing. I totally know why not. It's because I mixed stool softener into her juice. She just has regular stomach, you know, *issues*, and I want to pave the way for a comfortable bathroom experience.

"Orange juice!"

"This *is* orange juice, Sweetheart."

"Mommy. CHECK IT."

She totally wasn't buying it.


  1. Ok, I'll share. My little guy hates meatloaf. Hates it. Well I forgot and made it. What did I tell him when I was serving and he asked me if it was the dreaded meatloaf? "Oh no sweetie, thats not meat loaf, it's loaf meat. Totally different, you'll love it". He didn't buy it either. :(

    A for effort?

    Here from 7 in 7 challenge!


  2. Thanks so much for reading, Cristina! And I don't think these white lies are bad at all, especially if they work! But alas, they do not always. :)


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