Wednesday, July 10, 2013

An evening in the life of the Catholic Librarian...

Reading The Ear of the Heart (I'm now at the part where she moves through the novitiate and into temporary vows, so exciting!) and all of this monastic spirituality that I've been writing about has really gotten me all passionate about the religious life.

"Honey! I was just reading Hank his before bed saint stories, and we read about this saint that I've never heard of and whose name I cannot pronounce (St. Amalberga) and she was *married* and had children. After their children were grown, she and her husband mutually decided to enter the religious life, and so she became a nun and he became a monk. Isn't that great?!" *enthusiastic elbow nudge*

Let's just say Mike wasn't too supportive of this plan. :)


Heard from Anne while taking a bath last night:

"Anne drinking!"

"NO! No Sweetie, don't drink the bath water, yucky!"


"Anne drinking!"

Later, she disappears into the kitchen...

"UH, OH, What happened?!"

This is something you never want to hear via your toddler from the other room. Inevitably, it is a calamity of some sort that was created by aforementioned toddler. Like that time years ago when Hank dropped the raw egg mixture on the astro-turf like carpet that was in the kitchen when we first bought our house. All the scrubbing in the *world* wasn't going to get that out.

*shudder of revulsion*

Second runner up is the ever popular:

"There's some-fing WRONG!"


"Mommy, what's a 'virgin'?"

Ugh. this is what happens when you read saint stories.

"It means 'unmarried', Sweetheart."

"Oh. But what..."

"Ok, continuing on, she was a very pious girl..."

*saint story continues*

"Mommy, what does it mean to be beheaded?!"

Oh sigh.


  1. Okay, that last one made me howl. I can JUST imagine. :D

    On the bright side, Hank probably won't do as I did at about that age. Think unabridged Encyclopedia Brittanica, and the article on "Sexual Intercourse, Human," with a dictionary next to me to answer my "what does THAT mean" questions. I guess I was a nerd from a rather young age...

    It reminds me of that oldie-but-goodie joke about the mom who is at the doctor's office with several small children. At some point, the eight-year-old pipes up in loud, clear, carrying tones, "Mommy, what's sex?"

    The entire waiting room pauses for baited breath, wondering how she'll answer that one.

    After a tense and slightly horrified pause, mom has the sense to ask, "Why do you ask, dear?"

    "On this form, it says 'Sex: M/F."


  2. Awkward. :) I once had a friend with such a strong accent that when we studied Virgil in school, she kept calling him 'Virgin, the poet'.


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