Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day..the perfect day for a glucose screening...

I can't tell you how happy it made me when I glanced at my pregnancy ticker this morning and saw that I officially have less than 100 days to go!!! I have a good perspective on the pregnancy this time I think, and realize that 14 weeks is nothing, and is going to fly by. But on the other hand, I have to be honest and admit that already, I'm DYING to have my body back. I mean, DYING. I love my baby, but I long to be the only one inside my skin again. :) It'll come, and of course, it's worth it. Once March rolls around, the end will be in sight. I'm hangin' in there just fine.

On Saturday, the baby and I had our debut as an officially pregnant-looking belly dancer performing in public. I was scared, but I tried on my costume on Friday. I was worried about the skirt, but actually, that was totally fine. I'm still carrying very high, so it fit beneath my belly perfectly. The top on the other hand, well, let's just say that I suddenly have va-va-va-voom-like clevage. I should take a picture. It's the only time it'll look this good. But seriously, the top nearly doesn't button anymore. But it did fit for Saturday, and what I did to mitigate my self-consciousness was take my matching veil and drape it across my belly diagonally, attaching it with a pretty broach at my hip and tying it cutely up on the opposide top strap. It looked darling, and from the front you can't tell I'm pregnant. I figured it just took the edge off the freakish sideshow feeling of "look at the pregnant belly dancer!" I just felt more comfortable.

This morning, I had my glucose screening. I arrived promptly at 8:30 am and was immediately given my glass of toxic orange punch. While we waited for the sugar to absorb, I had my regular monthly check-up, and baby is doing swell. Heartrate is 140 beats per minute, and he/she was moving around quite a bit, all sugared up. My fundal height and weight gain is right on track.

I was wondering when this question would come up, and today was the day:

"are you interested in learning about permanent forms of birth control, like tubal ligation or vasectomy?"



My practice, though far from NFP only, is very, very non-pushy about birth control, which I appreciate. Well, otherwise, I probably wouldn't still go there. :)

After all that, I was released into the wild of the blood lab. Now that I'll have surpassed 26 weeks, my appointments bump up to every 2 weeks.

I went to the blood lab and knit dishcloths for 45 minutes while the baby performed sugar-induced gymnastics in my belly. I got in only a few minutes after my hour was up, and the blood lady made quick work of my vein. Thank God, because I am completely squeamish around blood and hate having it drawn. I've gotten used to it and tolerate it well, I just can't watch while they do it. :)

So, another appointment out of the way. I have lots coming up, including one with my cardiologist, since I have a minor congenital heart defect that they monitor more closely while I'm pregnant. I'm just ticking off all of these milestones to get closer to May. We've actually had some above freezing temperatures here in the past few days and have seen some meltage. Springn can't come soon enough for me this year. :)

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