Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Busy day...

It's never a good start to the day when I wake up, heft myself over, and glance at the clock to see that the first number starts with a "7". That's very, very bad. So, it was one of those rushed mornings. Despite "sleeping in" I feel tired and sluggish. Luckily, Mike walks Hank to and from school on Wednesdays, so that saves me time in the morning.

Speaking of "hefting", I can feel the tentacles of the third trimester creeping in to try and wrench me from my pleasant and comfortable second trimester zone. Sleeping isn't horrible right now, but I am starting to see the beginnings of the Wall of Discomfort trickling into my life evvveeerrr so insidiously slowly. I can only sleep on my sides, and getting from one side to the other is getting increasingly challenging. My sciatica is beginning to kick in a bit more, and I'm starting to feel just the wee-est bit awkward in my gait and appearance. This is what I have been dreading since Mike and I first started talking about having a second child. The good news is that now that it's here, I can put it behind me all the quicker. 13.5 weeks to go! That's really not that long. Plus, I know how great it feels to deliver and suddenly have 20 + less pounds on your frame overnight, and how wonderful it is to see baby for the first time. I'm trying to keep it all in good perspective this time.

Tonight, we have our baptism preparation class, and I'm actually looking forward to it. The deacon that runs it knows Hank and I from our weekly Mass attendance and volunteer efforts with Liturgy of the Word for Children, and Mike and I are the only couple scheduled to be there tonight, so I think it will be a fairly quick and pleasant meeting. I'll report in tomorrow.

In the mean time, I'm very much enjoying the BALMY 40 degree temperatures we're having here today. I love this time of year. In October, anything below 60 seems chilly, yet in February/March, anything above 25 feels mild, and above 40 downright tropical. I do very much love living in a full 4 seasons climate - you appreciate each one as it comes along. :)

I'm still also heavily channeling spring. Last night, Mike glanced over at me as I innocently crocheted an Easter egg like it was the most natural thing in the world. My hands just can't keep still this year. And despite the fact that Lent hasn't even started yet, I'm already looking forward to Easter. We'll get there.

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