Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nesting progress

Leading up to this past weekend, I made a grand announcement to my husband, with tornado-like energy emanating from my very pores:

"There are only about 12 usable weekends left until the baby arrives. I'm going to begin nesting IN EARNEST."

I was so dead serious, he couldn't help but crack the smile that he reserves for the times he thinks I'm doing something he labels "especially cute."

"Does this mean that you're going to be flitting around the house even more then usual coming up here?"

"YES. And I'm going to need you to move the heavy things."

I mean, nesting during the week simply isn't possible. After working all day, and coming home to make dinner and clean up, I truly don't have the energy to rearrange rooms, even with my super human nesting instincts on FULL POWER! like they are right now. So, on Saturday morning, it began.

Mike was prompted by yours truly over to a local discount chain to select a new bookcase for our bedroom. What does this have to do with the baby? Well. In order to create a nursery, we need to move the office furniture out of that room. To move the office furniture, we need to make room for it in the current guest room. To make room in the current guest room, we need to move at least some of the books that we have down there up to our bedroom. So you see? Terribly simple. :)

We found a nice, large 5 shelf one for a price so low I was convinced the cheap pressed wood would splinter before we even got it home. Mike got it together with a minimum of swearing, and shockingly, it looks pretty darn good for being so cheap. I spent the rest of the afternoon hauling and rearranging books. I have to say, the end result is much more appealing than our previous arrangement. Before this, I had these multiple cheap bookcases that fell apart every time I moved them. Which has been 3 times since we got married. It's nice to have everything consolidated. And this way, I was able to arrange by subject a bit. My own personal slice of the Library of Congress classification system.

Even though this seems like small progress, it's huge in my book. I was a little frightened that we weren't going to ever fit the office furniture in that guest room. This has cleared up a bunch of space. I also re-located some of Hank's toys that we kept in there, and since he has a nice-sized bedroom, the transition was seamless.

We still have a wee bit of re-arranging to do in the guest room, but I have hope now that everything will fit, and we're nearly done in there. Then I must face my arch nemesis: THE STORAGE. *shudder of revulsion* This is going to be ugly, and the games begin this coming weekend. But it has to be done.

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