Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pink or blue?

I was home yesterday on a snow day, and my hands were very busy. Besides watching Wallace & Grommit with Hank and doing laundry, I knit baby hats. And at left is the fruit of my labor.

I actually now have *three* hats made for this baby. I made a blue one on size 6 needles, and once again, my large gauge struck. That hat will fit Baby CL (assuming baby is a he) when they are around 6 months old. So, I went out to the craft store for smaller needles (not easy to do when you're looking for 16" circular needles; the smaller sizes are at a premium) and voila! The two masterpieces you see above. :) I wanted hats that I could bring to the hospital with me and then pop on the appropriate color for the big going home photos.

I had fun with these, but my work is far from over. I'm about to start a baby blanket, plus I'm making, yes (don't make fun) more hats. A few for gifts, and I think I'll make a larger hat in another pattern that I have for further down the road. Baby needs to be warm, right?

Speaking of Baby CL, they are getting very big. I feel them move all the time now, and unfortunately nighttime seems to be their time to party. I wake up often in the night (my poor, POOR stomach. I've never had indigestion like this in my LIFE) and Baby CL is having a dance marathon each time. My meeting with him or her is now less than 4 months away, and I absolutely cannot wait. :)

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