Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The decision is made...


The decision is final. Henry will be going to Catholic school in the fall for first grade.

*Hallelujah chorus*

I'm going to register him at St. A's later this week. We're all super excited, even Mike.

I am, admittedly, a little anxious about the fundraising, and about the fact that we'll no longer be using our daycare as his after-school care provider; the onsite program at the Catholic school is closed when the school is closed, so you have no care available for your child during winter and spring recess, etc., when you may be obliged to be at work. Right now, with our daycare, they're always open, you just have to pay for those days. But, somehow, we'll work those kinks out. I really think this is the right decision for Henry, and for us as a family.

I'll report in later in the week about the registration process. :)

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