Thursday, February 24, 2011

Charlie Horses in the night...

Sounds ominous, but of course, anybody who has been pregnant knows that I'm merely talking about cramps. Despite not having a monthly cycle for the duration of a pregnancy, "cramps" take on a whole new meaning during these 9 months. There's the mysterious ones right at the beginning. The ones that turn ugly right at the end. And then the little seizure-like ones that grip your calves and toes while you're peacefully trying to sleep.

The other night, I innocently shifted position in bed, and in that instant, a cramp so sudden and agonizing gripped my calf that I actually cried out and accidentally woke up Mike. The next morning, it was still sore. And my toes! They're a mess. I've often been afflicted with toe cramps, even when not pregnant, but they've upped the ante recently. I especially get them a lot when I dance. Very annoying. Don't we suffer enough indignities while pregnant? I should think we earn a cramp-free 9 month pass.

Last night, the charlie horses stayed at bay, but for the love of all that is holy, my STOMACH. I complained about this early in pregnancy, and it has not decreased one iota. I had to get up twice just to deal with digestive issues (I'll spare you the details), and then couldn't fall back asleep. Each time I walked by his room, I peeked in on Hank and kissed his little head. He's such a good sleeper now. Goes down by himself and sleeps from 7:30-6/6:30. It reminded me that I will soon have a child that won't sleep even half that amount of time in a single stretch at night, which depressed me a bit. :) Ah well. I'm going to give up complaining about pregnancy woes for Lent.

Baby CL is getting so, so big though. He or she was so active last night, they actually contributed to my inability to fall back to sleep. I have 12.5 weeks to go until my due date. Sweet due date!

Ok, so, this morning I was reading Baby Bargains over breakfast. One of the few things that we didn't retain from Hank's infancy is a diaper pail. Last time, we had the Diaper Champ. We use disposable diapers. What we loved about the Champ:

(a) that you could use regular garbage bags in it and didn't need special inserts
(b) that it was easy to toss the bags into our big trash bin rather than have to deal with a "diaper chain." Not exactly a pleasing mental image.

What we didn't love:

(a) yes, it sealed in the odor, until you had to actually open it. Then, LOOK OUT! The wall of odor that would smack you in the face could cause unconsciousness in seconds. That entire *floor* of the house would stink for hours.
(b) the little rotating top with slot for diaper placement was an inevitable draw for Toddler Hank, who would put little toys and other belongings in there to twirl around into the can. Not good.

Baby Bargains claims that the pain in the you-know-where insert pails, like the Diaper Genie, are actually better (counter-intuitively enough) because they seal in the odor better and can hold more diapers. Fact or fiction? Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. From a day care perspective, the easiest thing to do is get a small trash can with a lid and take the diapers out daily.

    Otherwise the diaper genie does work, but it's a pain to set up. You get used to it.

    Personally, I don't like the nasties in my house for a week anyway. Something about human waste sitting in a bin disgusts me. If we did disposables, I would take them out to the main dumpster every day. As it is I think washing every three days is still a little gross. The urine starts to stink worse than the poop. But we also spray our poop in the toilet.

    Oh there's an idea. When he/she starts solids just empty them into the toilet. Less smell. You technically supposed to do that with disposables anyway. Although my dump says it doesn't matter.

    hope that helps.


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