Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rescheduled baptism class, and I can't get my bladder off my mind...

So, when I returned to my desk from a marathon meeting yesterday, I had a voicemail from Mike. The deacon running our baptism class had called to ask if it was ok if we moved our meeting from 7 pm to 7:45, since a doctors appointment had come up for his wife. In the back of my mind, I seemed to remember my mom having a commitment after she watched Henry for us, and upon a quick reconnaissance mission, my suspicions were confirmed. My mom had an appointment to have her hair colored at 8:30 pm (0dd, but true) and so the moved back time wouldn't leave her enough time to get back for that. Bummer. It's so much harder when you already have one child at home; much more difficult to be spontaneous. :)

So, our baptism class is now in mid-March. No big deal, since we still have enough time before the baby is born.

Speaking of the baby, I'm now at THAT part of my pregnancy. You know. I eat lunch, use the ladies room, set off for my quick daily walk, and halfway through feel the overwhelming need to use the ladies room strikes AGAIN. *sighs* I stop, use the facilities, and find that the amount produced was not even worth the time it took to scamper out of my way into the bathroom and remove the necessary items of clothing. How can that little trickle carry such a wallop? I always think of the pregnant character of Margie in Fargo:

"Mind if I have a seat? I'm carryin' quite a load over here."

We'll get there. The baby is starting to get really big; I'm starting to feel actual body parts in there when he/she moves around. I can't wait to see their little face for the first time.

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