Thursday, February 10, 2011

My current crafting obsession...

Does your baby need some washcloths? Do you need a dozen or so potholders or hotpads? If so, you've found your woman. *beams*

I get SO seasonally happy this time of year with approaching spring. Ironic, since I really don't care so much for the summer heat. But there you have it. My nesty fingers have been busy every evening knitting and crocheting away, and I just get so excited by spring and Easter patterns at this time of year. They're just so fresh and happy with their pretty bright colors. So, imagine my joy the other day as I prowled on Ravelry and found a pattern collection of Easter cloths, seen at left.

These patterns feature mini knitted cloths with 8 designs: a basket, bunny, lamb, cross, chick and several Eggs. I was in love instantly. The downloadable pattern booklet cost only $3.25 and I was on it in seconds. They are all made from 100% cotton yarn, which is one of my favorites to work with, and that I have a bunch of sitting in my stash.

I've already cast on the bunny and am almost done. I am so completely taken with him as he takes shape that it's utterly ridiculous.

"Look, it's his tail! Oh, oh, I see his FACE!"

So imagine the excitement permeating from my computer when I discovered that the designer of these patterns has AN ENTIRE COLLECTION OF THESE CLOTHS FOR DIFFERENT SEASONS AND OCCASIONS. I thought I'd die of pleasure.

There is a dessert collection, baby, wedding, spring and winter, Christmas and Thanksgiving, summer and the beach, flowers and school, I mean, need I go on? I NEED THESE PATTERNS OR I MAY WITHER AWAY. This appears ever so clear to me.

Each collection is $3.25, so I will have to reign myself in a bit and pick just a few. I think the school collection would be great for Hank's teacher and the classroom aide at the end of the year. I'm dying for the spring ones to mix in with the Easter collection for ideal spring gifts. And I love the desserts.

This is all making me terribly happy. And it's occupying my ever whirling thoughts.

All of the patterns can be downloaded through Ravelry or via the designer's website.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you sound like me with crafting! I love it! That is so something I would do with a sewing project.

    Those cloths are adorable, and I think making them for teachers and other gifts is a wonderful idea!

    Pretty soon you'll need to sell at a craft show to use all your made items up!


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