Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend bliss, and school talk...

I had a really, really nice weekend. Unfortunately, Monday has to come eventually. I was knocked back into reality quickly by an 8am appointment this morning to register Henry for kidnergarten at our local public elementary school.

School choices are always another hot topic out in Catholic message board land :) A land that I am proud to live in... Anyway. There are 3 schools of thought on this issue: homeschooling, Catholic schooling, or (definitely a minority) public schooling.

I am a product of public schools. I'm one of those people that is pretty open to public schools, with the counterbalance of investigating the local district to see if it will be a good fit in every way.

On the other hand, I'm certainly a huge proponent of Catholic education. Our parish has a school, and I have considered using it. Obviously, with us having only one full time salary right now, money is a huge issue. When Hank was a year old we moved to our current house, which is located in a school district with a solid reputation. Prior to that, if we had stayed, we had already chosen a Catholic school, affiliated with our parish at that time, for Hank to attend.

Homeschooling really isn't an option for me, given that I work full-time outside the home, but I also simply don't feel called to it. I have one good friend who homeschools, and I find the issue quite fascinating. But it's really not on my radar screen.

So we have Catholic school and public school. The public elementary school is right down the road from us, and its reputation is excellent. We figured that we'd try it out and see. I keep telling myself that if we don't like it, we have options. There are a slew of Catholic elementary schools in our area, including two within walking distance, so I know that we aren't wedded to anything. If Hank continues at the public school, he will be immediately signed up for CCD at our parish to start his sacramental instruction in first grade. And of course, I believe that it is my job to pass on the faith to him at home, regardless of where he goes to school.

So, I know that everything will turn out ok. It's just going to be a big change, and change is hard for me. But he's MY BABY. It seems like just yesterday that he was a simpering little newborn, squeaking and spitting up between us in bed at night. *nostalgic sigh* Of course, now I get to sleep through the night, so I guess I'm not *that* nostalgic.

Anyway, backing up to the weekend... I'm so excited about receiving my new head coverings I can hardly stand it. I'm thinking they may arrive at the end of the week. I'll have to decide if I want to start wearing them right away, or wait until Lent...

In preparation for my upcoming experiment, I surveyed the heads at Mass on Sunday to see if I could spot any other head coverers. At first, I thought there were none, but then my little eye happened upon an older woman wearing a hat. Score! During Communion, I spied 3 other hat wearers. A big yea. Once again, I dressed up more for Mass, and I really did *feel* different. All good.

I also knitted a lot this weekend. I'm on round 52 of Mike's 85 round hat, so I'm actually almost done. The final 15 rounds are decreasing rounds, so I anticipate being done by the weekend. Then, I can finish up Christina's lap afghan, and move on to new projects. I've got a couple of baby gifts to make, as well as a few shawls that I wanted to make for myself.

Tonight, my needles and I will once again be perched on the couch with a glass of Chardonnay. Mike has to teach in the early evening, so Henry and are are going out to dinner with my mom. Should be fun...

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