Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lent eve...

So, today is Fat Tuesday, and I'm happy to report that my week *is* in fact going better. Shauna'h read my post yesterday and IM'ed me, "You sound cranky." My reply was "I *am* cranky." It was just a painful couple of weeks at work. Thankfully, I'm over the worst of it. I had an English Composition class today, and it went very well, followed by an extremely long meeting that also surprised me by how interesting and helpful it was.

Tonight, we're having our last meat dinner for all of Lent by making (at Mike's request) my mom's recipe for Sammy's Mustard Chicken. It involves sauteeing strips of chicken, and then adding a can of diced chiles, a cup of ranch dressing (lite still works very well), a tablespoon or two of dijon mustard, and some sliced onions and bell peppers. Serve over rice. It's quite good.

I'm going for my ashes at my parish's 8 am Mass, I think, and hence will commence my Lent. I'm looking forward to some good spiritual reading, meatless eating, and extra prayer time. I'll post some of the books that I will be reading as I come to them. And of course, I will post on my experience with beginning headcovering, which will hopefully commence this Sunday, should my headcoverings arrive in time.

I love Lent :)

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