Thursday, February 18, 2010

Headcoverings! And Lenten book club...

*simmers with excitement* Yesterday, I picked Hank up from school and, as always, as soon as we got home, he wanted to fetch the mail. I set him off while I washed out the lunch dishes and generally tidied the kitchen in preparation for dinner. Suddenly:

*angels SING*

Hank appears with a small package, and I just *knew* that it was my headcoverings. The scripture verse included on the outside of the package also aided in this process of deduction :) Me being the Queen of Patience, I was dying to just rip into the package right then and there, but I put it aside so that I could savor it. I wanted time to play with each covering, try them on, and take pictures, so I figured I'd wait until after dinner.

After dinner came, and aforementioned ripping into package commenced. I practically squealed as I pulled each one out. You would have thought I'd just given birth such was my joy as each creation appeared. Ok; let the pictures begin!

Headcovering #1: Chocolate lace:

This one was almost immediately my favorite. It matches beautifully with my hair. It ties in the back, which I did find awkward at first. I have long hair, and I had a hard time getting it out of the way so that I could tie the covering properly. I did get better at it, however, and this covering just lays beautifully.

Headcovering #2: Stretchy flax:

At first I wasn't certain about this one. I had a hard time getting the clasp closed (this isn't a tie closure; it stretches and clasps together with a metal thingy in the back) and then finagling the whole shebang onto my head. Quickly, it grew on me. This one stays in place the easiest, because of the stretchy function. And I *heart* the color. It's a pretty, versatile khaki. It'll go with so many of my outfits. It ended up swooping into 2nd place in my ranked list.

And finally, Headcovering #3: Black velvet headband:

This is a beautiful covering, and I do like the easyness of a simple headband. You could keep this one tucked away in case you end up stopping for Eucharistic Adoration or a daily Mass on the fly. The long velvet ties are gorgeous, but a bit awkward to tie, and I had a hard time getting the band to lay flat while also trying to tie it. I'm sure I'll get better at it.

In the end, I determined that I *adore* the Cecily style coverings at Garlands of Grace. I love the length and the way they fall on my hair. In that style, they come in all sorts of fabrics and colors. I've already got my eye on a chiffon and a cotton one :)

So, I couldn't be more pleased. I can't wait to wear one of them to Mass this weekend.

Before I got home and discovered my darling headcoverings, I was planning to blog about books for Lent. Since I've already consumed several minutes of your time showing you pictures of me wearing headcoverings, I thought that perhaps what I'd do is each day feature a single book appropriate for Lenten reading. A Lenten book club, if you will. Where to start...

A few Lents ago, I read an excellent book entitled With God in Russia, by Fr. Walter Ciszek. The book chronicles the 23 years he spent sentenced to Russian prison camp. He says clandestine Masses, hears clandestine confessions, and generally prays his way through an experience few would be able to endure. An outstanding and gripping read. He has another book, He Leadeth Me, that I own and have not yet read. I hear this one is even better, so I'm dying to dig in.


  1. Tiffany,

    These headcoverings: is this because you feel that women should cover their heads while in church? I believe some people interpret Paul as meaning this. There is a woman in our parish who comes to mass with a muslim-style headscarf and says Paul recommends this. Hard for me to get my mind around this.

    Your fellow Catholic librarian, Xie Highsmith

  2. Hi Xie! Nice to have you as a reader, and as a fellow Catholic librarian :) Regarding headcoverings, I don't think that women *should* cover their heads while in church, just that they *can* as a personal devotion. It does go back to Paul, certainly, but also to Church tradition.


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