Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm plumb tuckered :) I have 2 classes early next week, and I'm hip deep in lesson planning. After that, I should have a reprieve from teaching, which I desperately need in order to work on other things. One of the classes next week is in my liaison department, American Studies. I'm looking forward to that one, because the students are upper level undergraduates and I can do more complex examples with them. Plus, the subject matter is interesting. I'm incorporating in historical craft examples, as well as a Catholic example, actually :)

At any rate, I'm looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend. I'm having a few friends over, with their kids, tomorrow, and that should be fun for both adults and young'uns. On my way home from work this afternoon, I'm stopping off at Michael's to pick up some cotton yarn that is on sale so that I can crochet us an Easter-inspired table runner and set of placemats. *happy* Mike is picking us up some fish dinners that our parish is selling. Western New York has truly glorious Lenten fish frys.

Oh! I forgot to mention this before. Last week while I was picking us up a few groceries, I ventured into the kitchen section (we have a super nice grocery chain near us, with a very nice seasonal and kitcheny area) and I picked up an apron. I couldn't justify Jessie Steele at $30 a pop just now *sighs* (one is on my Amazon wish list...) but I found a *very* cute apron for half the price. It looks similar to this one:

It has little wine glasses and bottles on it, and fruit. It has a nice around the neck tie with metal rings for easy adjustibility, and the apron hangs up real easy from the rings too. I've been using it when I cook, and I find it so handy to be able to wipe my hands right on the apron instead of always being in search of a dish towel. Plus, it keeps my clothes free of any number of food splashes and wafts. I'm liking :)

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