Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trying to perk...Happy feasts...

Feeling a bit better today. The end of the work week is approaching, thankfully. I had two meetings today. I knew the morning one wouldn't be a problem, and it wasn't. The afternoon edition was another story. The email that we received from the chair read:

"Meeting to begin at 1. No more than 2 hours."

*groan of anguish* Putting "no more than" before "2 hours" does NOT make me feel better. But I made it.

We're making plans for the weekend, so that helps. I may go to a craft show with my mom and Henry on Saturday. And we're planning to go to our basillica for Mass at the Saturday evening vigil this week. Hopefully, they'll do there as our regular parish does and offer the blessing of the throats for the feast of St. Blase (2/3) at all weekend Masses. Many parishes offer the blessing to anyone who wants it all week long. I enjoy this custom every year, and look at it as an opportunity to share the riches of our faith with Henry.

This week also saw the celebration of Candlemas (2/2) when the Church blesses all the candles for the year. My parish always offers candles for the sale the following weekend. Last year I stocked up. I'm not really sure why, but I'm totally convinced that we need a stash of blessed candles in our house. When the apocalypse comes, we'll have light.

Sunday is the Super Bowl, and my parents are coming over for a party. We keep using the word "party" and Henry keeps asking if we're all getting presents. It's a party, so it stands to reason, right? No presents, but I may use the occasion as an excuse to justify the purchase of a cookie cake from Mrs. Fields.

Henry gem of the week:

"Mommy, when I grow up, what can I be?"

"Well, you can choose what you'd like to be, honey. You could be a priest."

*knitted eyebrows*

"Or you could be a teacher."

"Or a plumbo."

"Or a plumber, right. Or an electrician, like Jay. Or an engineer, like Daddy."

"Mommy, you a libarian?"

"Yes honey, I'm a librarian. You can be one too, if you like, when you grow up."

"MOMMY! Libarians are...GIRLS."

So...these stereotypes start pretty young, apparently :)

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