Friday, February 19, 2010

Feeling young, and heading into a nice weekend...

Yesterday, I stopped off at our local gourmet and liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine on my way home from work. I selected a Yellow Tail Chardonnay and got in line. As the person ahead of me finished up, me and my bottle progressed up the belt. Finally, it was my turn. The cashier took one look at me and said:

"Can I see your i.d.?"

I nearly leapt over the conveyor belt and hugged her.

"Yes, YES! *fumbles with wallet* I'm SO glad that you asked!! It's my birthday today, and well, I'm just so glad that you asked!"

She looked pretty amused. And to her credit, when she saw my birth year, she didn't recoil and say "oh yeah, wow," like some teenage cashiers have done in grocery store beer purchases in the past. She made some nice comments about how I look young and how we should always strive to feel young.

I beamed all the way out of the store. And then I realized something: I am officially old enough to be happy to be i.d.'ed. I'm not so certain that I like this development, but it is what it is. I tried to continue to bask in my i.d.'ed state. It also helped that I didn't actually consider myself a year older yesterday. You see, I was born at 11:45 pm; my birthday was nearly the 19th. I felt like yesterday I got to enjoy feeling special without in fact being any older. Why would this be? Because I am *psychotic*.

Ok, so anyway, I have a nice weekend coming up. I have a wedding shower, and I get to wear one of my new headcoverings to Mass. Big yay. I'm also going shopping with my friend Sarah at our local Fisher Price outlet store for some Easter gifts for our boys. Happy, happy. Hank is all into the Planet Heroes these days. Saving our galaxy from the path of evildoers... My precious little angel.

Ok, so books. Last Lent I embarked on reading George Willis' biography of Pope John Paull II, Witness to Hope. I nearly finished it too :) It's a tome, to be sure. But I *adore* John Paul II. I still miss him and think of him every day. I really regret that I never got to meet him in person. In 2004, my mom and Shauna'h and I ventured up to Toronto to attend World Youth Day. I thought that I would finally get to see him in person. Well. I guess I didn't realize that when a million people stand between you and your beloved, you can't even see them as a tiny speck with your naked eye. I took comfort in the fact that I was in the same place as him once, and I hope that he's praying for me.

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