Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh my aching head...

I had a wonderful weekend, but here I am again, it's Monday, and I'm feeling stuffy and miserable. I'll hit the highlights, and then blog more extensively tomorrow (Fat Tuesday!) when I can think a coherent thought.

On Friday evening, I *finally* managed to take pictures of my recent knitting and crochet projects. This is Christina's lap afghan:

And *drum roll*, Mike's famous hat:
I'm now working on a pair of socks for my mother-in-law. Good stuff.

Saturday, I did manage to sign up for the baby hat class at Jo Ann's, so I have that to look forward to.

And Sunday, sigh. Well, good things first. I got the following from my sweetie :)
I *adore* cookie cakes, they're my absolute favorite dessert in the world. That's right, I eschew decadent turtle cheesecake for a cookie with frosting plunked on top. Mike and I were also able to spend some nice time together, since my mom volunteered to watch Henry for us. And speaking of Henry...

Sunday morning, I was feeling tremendously tired and run down, and I knew that Henry has the same cold as I do. He was fine all morning, and then as we went to head out to Mass:

"ok honey, get your coat on for church."


Oh fabulous. He whined the whole way. When we got there, in full pout mode, and the kids were called up front for the children's liturgy of the word, he proclaimed that he didn't want to go. *double sigh*

"Are you sure, Honey? Now's your chance."


"There's still time, Hank. But once the kids go back, honey, it's too late. Do you want to go now?"


Ok, fine. Naturally, the instant the children disappeared into the sacristy and the lector got up to read the first scripture, Hank insisted that he wanted to go back.

"I'm sorry Honey, it's too late now."

"Oh, Oh Mommy. Oh! *bursts into sobbing tears*"

He cried, *hard*, for at least 20 straight minutes. Not cause a scene/tantrum cry, but genuine, real tears, sobbing like his heart was breaking crying. Eventually, I had to bring him to the back, where he whined that he wanted to go home. I managed to make him stay for communion and to pray afterwards, but at that point, I knew that my humiliation-free pass was coming to an end. Wisely, I chose to not tempt fate and we packed up and left. Not one of Hank's better Sundays.

And I'm still awaiting my beloved head coverings. And no mail today, blast!! I'll keep hoping. In the mean time, in addition to being sick, I went for a jog on Saturday (really, *really* trying to drop a few of these pounds that I've been wanting to get rid of) and although it went really well, I could barely walk on Sunday. Oh right, and today, I'm still in unbelievable pain. But I did feel great immediately afterwards, so I'll be sacrificing myself once again next weekend.

And today, as if to make everything better, I had 2 classes to teach in the morning. With a scratchy voice and walking as though I've been shot. But hey, I made it. Another class tomorrow, and then, please, please God, let this week get better...

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