Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lots of knitting, and I AM NOT OLD...

Today, I had my yearly visit to my general practitioner, whom I like very much. Everything is well under control, including my pinched nerve, aside from me needing to add a calcium and vitamin D supplement to my daily regimen. Inevitably, came the question:

"Do you want to have more children?"

And I think for the majority of the population, this is a very cut and dry issue. "We want 2 children, so yes 1 more" or "No, we're definitely finished." My answer has always been, and will always continue to be:

"Yeah, sure. You never know."

This always earns me an arched eyebrow. The way I feel about it, even if we never *plan* to have anymore at some point, it could still happen, right? We're open to life.

"Oh. So you think you want to have another one?"

"Yeah, sure."

*checks chart* "Hum. Well, you'd better get right on that."


The only thing I can really say on this is that, especially over the course of the next year, this will be a high priority on my prayer list. And so, moving on from my depleting egg suppy (oh eggs! please hang in there, I love you so!)...

On a happier note, my knitting has been going very well. I'm actually starting to miss crochet, and happily, the next 2 items in my craft queue are crochet projects. I'm nearly done with Christina's lap afghan; that should be finished by the conclusion of the weekend. After that, I will work on a scarf for one of my sister's friends, and a pair of socks for my mother-in-law. Then I have some baby projects to complete for a few friends of ours who are expecting. I'm thinking booties and blankets, although a crocheted teddy bear has really captured my imagination...

But, relatedly, I was looking for a quick distraction this morning, and went over to JoAnn's site to see if their new class schedule is up. It is. I took a Knitting 101 class there that I really got a lot out of. Since I've gotten a bit more comfortable with my knitting, I've been in the market for a sock knitting class. For the past several months, they have not offered one. And well, the new schedule doesn't include one either. However, they are offering a baby hat class, Knitting 102 - moving up in the world! Importantly, the class will include instruction in using double pointed needles, which is really what I was looking for. They have an open house on Saturday, and if you come during that 2 hour window, classes are 50% off. Eureka. This doesn't make up for the fact that my doctor thinks I'm old, but it did perk me a bit.

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