Friday, February 12, 2010

Feeling domestic...

In yet another one of my quirks, I squealed with glee this morning when I saw that Cam, at A Woman's Place..., posted about aprons.

"Aprons? Tiffany, maybe you really are getting old..."

But yes, aprons! I started thinking about them a few months ago when, once again, Cam (my favorite blogger :) posted about aprons as spiritual aids. She posted some pictures, and I thought to myself, "goodness gracious, how totally adorable." This piqued my curiosity, and after some moderate Googling, I found that there is this modern apron movement I knew nothing about. Women of all ages are wearing these super cute vintage aprons (see above photo; I mean, did you ever?!). My favorite are put out by Jessie Steele. In fact, Charlotte in the new Sex and the City movie is going to be wearing one of these aprons! I'm coveting one, badly.

See the half apron in the photo, the one with the little Eiffel Towers? How perfect would that be for my sister Shauna'h? :) My current obsession is the pink cupcake apron, which is also Charlotte's choice :) However, I just noticed that Jessie Steele just released their spring/summer line, which includes convertible aprons! So, this would be a full bib apron that you could convert down to a half apron for dinner parties. You know, like Betty Draper on Mad Men. *wants*

So, imagine my delight, when I saw that Cam's post today included the fact that she is having an apron giveaway at A Woman's Place. Enter your name in her comments section for a chance to win :)

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  1. I love aprons! I'm also a fan of the Jessie Steele collections. You might also want to check out for fun designs. (However, my favorite apron is one I picked up at Target 4-5 years ago.) Welcome to the apron club! :)


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