Monday, February 9, 2015

Of hazardous snow & unfortunate haircuts, on the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time...

*cue dramatic violin music*

Your Catholic Librarian is VERY SNOWY over here in WNY these days, and while I generally enjoy the winter, things are fairly unpleasant right now in terms of driving. Me no like. My car is constantly getting stuck and I'm getting rather exhausted of the whole thing. But let's not dwell! If there is anything that is for certain, it is that spring will come and the snow will melt. Eventually.


In the meantime, we've been keeping busy with indoor activities. Unfortunately, this meant that Anne busied herself when my mother-in-law's back was turned on Friday and cut her own bangs. She has a bit of a Buster Brown situation going on now:

At least she looks contrite...
But we fixed it as best we could, sigh. We had a long talk about scissors generally, but also about scissors and hair, and she has vowed never to cut her own hair again so that it can grow out very long like Elsa's.

Speaking of Elsa, I'm blaming her for the gigantic piles of snow in the church parking lot on Sunday, rendering it an *entity*. It's already a small lot, and the number of available spaces was nearly cut in half. And then people invented spaces, which made it difficult to even navigate through the "aisles," so the kids and I circled onto the street where...the situation was also somewhat dire. :0 We had to park quite a ways up the street, and then tromp over to the church. Whereupon, immediately upon entering, Anne slipped and fell on melted snow, poor babe. This winter is taking it's toll on all of us. :-\

The instant we walked in and saw how crowded it was, I had a flashback to last week's bulletin which noted that our parish was celebrating Scout Sunday this week. I think many parishes observed that last Sunday, so I had forgotten about it, and the extra people explained the catastrophic parking situation. Our favorite usher helped us find seats, and Anne trembled with excitement about going up for Children's Liturgy of the Word. She's really gotten into that, it's very cute.

As Henry and I listened to the homily, I remembered that our pastor's time at our parish is coming to an end. :-\ This is not a very uplifting post, is it?! I'm so sorry! :0 I do have fun knitting disasters and dance foibles to report on later in the week (think: me twirling out of, and then wielding in a parachute-like fashion, a gigantic piece of hot pink fabric, sort of like a veil on steroids. Bet you can't wait :0) so do come back for those hijinks! But yes, our pastor, so sad! He's been there for nearly a decade, and is ready to move on to a new situation, so the diocese assigned him to a parish about 20 minutes away. And we don't actually know what will happen to us. There has been no announcement about a new pastor. We do have a deacon, but no other clergy. I'm not certain who will be saying Mass starting a few weeks hence, which is disconcerting, to be sure.

So that was our Sunday. A bit out of sorts, but Lent is coming, we will refocus. :) I also did a LOT of knitting this weekend, and will report in on my Downton Abbey mystery shawl progress during the Read and Stitch post I'm hoping to have out on Thursday! How was your weekend, dear reader? 


  1. Aw! That's my one fear, that Annamarie cut her own hair. She's never even had her hair cut, no bangs or anything, so I don't think so far she equates scissors to hair much. Although my husband did say we'd have to cut her hair soon, and I vehemently said no! I love her hair and don't want to cut it, and she wants to grow it long like Elsa too haha.

  2. Anne's hair grows pretty fast, so she's had her bangs trimmed many times. Sooooo, I suppose that's good news overall for her new "look." ;-)

  3. She is so cute, even after her ahem* styling incident!

    My fear is that one of these days Mae will get ahold of scissors. I can't even imagine what she'll look like if it ever happens.


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