Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Can you hear the angels singing, heralding my snowman stocking? And throat blessings!

Happy feast of St. Blaise everyone! I was delighted this morning as I listened to the latest episode of The Break with Fr. Roderick on my commute in, that during his Catholic Stuff segment he talked about St. Blaise and the tradition of the blessing of throats. Perfect timing!

Henry said that the priest at his school comes to each classroom to bless the children's throats on the feast of St. Blaise, so he was getting his blessing today. So cute! As I mentioned yesterday, the rest of us will get the blessing this coming Sunday at our parish. I wish I could have gone to daily Mass this morning for it, but sigh. Just not possible right now with our schedules.

But in other news, the feast of St. Blaise heralds a very exciting development in my knitting life. Wait for it, wait for it...

*trumpets blare!*

Frosty, my very first Intarsia project, is DONE:

Well, just about done. He still needs to be seamed, as evidenced by the loose yarn at the toe, but otherwise, he is done. Oh, and I do have to add a loop at the top for hanging, but never mind that. The hard part is over, and I feel all thrilled. YAY. I aim to deliver him to his new owner next week. I don't know how to embroider, that's why the white strip at the top is blank. The recipient's mom is going to embroider her son's name on there. There *is* a Rudolph version of this pattern as well that is super cute, maybe I should...

NO. I shouldn't. :)

All right, this is a shorter post today because I'm all behind due to my snow day yesterday. Did I mention that. We got a LOT of snow here yesterday. :) The school was technically open, but I was happy to use a vacation day. It was pretty bad out there for the morning commute, and it was no problem to log on from home to fulfill my Monday morning hour of chat reference. I also have a class to teach this afternoon, my first of the spring semester.


I'll be fine, but anxiety, here I come! How are you all doing, dear readers? Leave a comment to share. :)

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