Friday, February 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes {Take 70} Lenten Friday stresses & wild goose chases, but also birthday week continues! edition

What's going on in my part of the tundra on this Friday after Ash Wednesday? Do read on!

-1- Worried about my little button!

I'm worried about Anne. :-\ I noticed when I checked on her last night prior to heading to bed that she was snoring and seemed restless and congested. Sure enough, she woke several times last night, seeming stuffy, uncomfortable and out of sorts. This morning she was a bit chilled. :( :( :( My babe! I'm very worried that she picked up whatever awfulness Mike had last week. I'm praying that it's simply a cold.

-2- "Please call me back. I'm looking for the following minutia about a person whose name I don't even know..."

And that's not really that much of an exaggeration.

I.Tell.You. *long suffering sigh*

I got on the reference desk this morning already preoccupied about Anne, and the angry red voicemail light was on the telephone. I glared at it, but that decided did NOT make it go away. So I retrieved the message, and it was one of our rather infamous patrons. That is to say, a person not affiliated with the university who regularly calls the reference desk asking odd questions that require the librarian to go on a bit of a wild goose chase. I'm not saying these are simply challenging research questions, because of course that is our job. Without going into detail, I'm saying these are eccentric questions, requiring lengthy and frustrating time spent in answering them, asked by an eccentric individual. I'm certain my fellow librarians know exactly what I am talking about. :)

So it was one of those, and I then had to spend the requisite lengthy and frustrating time so that I could get back to her.




-3- Wine and Vegetable Pho are a *very* good combination...

But in happier news, I am milking this birthday week thing for all it's worth. I got together last night with some girlfriends from college for an evening of fun conversation, wine and Vietnamese food. And thinking ahead, this Catholic girl ordered a meat-free dinner so that I could eat the leftovers for lunch today. I am SO looking forward to that after this seemingly endless reference shift is over. The only downside to the whole affair was the fact that we had to go outside after we finished dinner to drive back home. Nothing like blowing and drifting snow blown right into YOUR FACE and negative temperatures to suck the joy out of you. But we persevere.

-4- More wine, but only *after* we're done balancing things on our heads while we dance...

Tonight after dance rehearsal my troupe is getting together at the studio for wine and dance talk. We've been wanting to do this for some time, and this is just the date that worked for all of us, it actually has nothing to do with my birthday. But I'm counting it as part of my birthday week anyway. :) We'll also be shoring up our somewhat staggering repertoire of dances, which while intimidating, is also fun, because they're all so different from each other. Never a boring Friday night, that's for sure! And we're still working on that crazy giant veil choreography, so I'm sure I'll have amusing details to report next week. :0

-5- Romantic dinners are bliss

Mike and I LOVE going out to dinner together (without the kids :) although we like going to dinner the 4 of us as well), and every nice occasion we have we plan a dinner for it. Birthdays, wedding anniversary, dating anniversary (we added that one in just for the fun of it), holidays = dinner. My birthday dinner is scheduled for this Saturday and I am SO looking forward to it. It's still Lent, but it'll be Saturday, so meat is an option. Happy!

-6- Busily doing our Lenten reading...

But back to Lent. If you're following along in the Magnificat Lenten Companion are you partaking in today's suggested penance of skipping part of a meal? Well, the text actually said "skip a meal or part of one." I have to be honest and say that I don't think it's healthy to skip meals, so I'm not choosing to do that, but "part of a meal" I can get behind. So I have my leftovers for lunch, but no supplemental side or sweet bite for afterwards. I'm enjoying these suggested penances, it's really causing me to put a lot more thought into Lent this year.

-7- Catholic Book Club Wednesday approaches!

Are you reading the second book in the I Am Margaret series by Corinna Turner, The Three Most Wanted?


I cannot reiterate enough how much I am enjoying these books, and how talented this author is. I have a lot to say about this installment in the series, and I hope that you consider reading these books along with me! Each of the books is less than $4 for Kindle, and My review of book 1 is here, and look for my review of book two on Wednesday, February 25th!

All right, I have to jet, but I look forward to talking to you all again on Monday! Check out more 7 Quick Takes over at This Ain't the Lyceum!


  1. Every library has at least one of "those patrons." When I worked at a university library we had a woman who was doing very specific research on a chemistry related patent - we could never figure out why. She had an abrasive personality but was also very lonely; unfortunately she only knew how to converse about chemistry. As someone who barely passed high school chemistry I did a lot of smiling and nodding.

  2. YUM I LOVE Pho! I hate phone calls so I feel your pain on that voicemail.

    I agree I don't think skipping meals is healthy but skipping dessert is okay :)

  3. My husband was telling me about someone who came in with a photo of a woman on a horse. He wanted to know the name of the woman, the name of the horse, and the occasion.

    My reaction was "what the heck? that's impossible!" Then my husband told me he had actually FOUND it! It was a horse race back in the 1930's. I was suitably impressed!

    Still. Took him half the day to do.


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