Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring fever crafting

And so it begins...

I love winter. I really do. But for some reason, every February I start busting out with pastel greens, yellows and pinks, and I can't stop myself from casting on for projects that I will inevitably lose interest in once the weather gets warmer and won't pick up again until the following spring. Eggs will be crocheted. Bunnies will be on the needles. Spring colored afghans will be sprung. I can't stop myself.

And this year is no exception. The eggs and bunnies are coming, just you wait. And I'm trying not to think about that half finished spring afghan that has been stuffed into the back of our closet for going on three years now. But my current spring obsession is baby and toddler knitting. I own a toddler, so that's convenient, and I have twin infant nephews so the knitting need is quite great. And they are perfect recipients of pastel colored items, don't you agree?

My current obsession is the infamous Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. I purchased the pattern and have been obsessing for weeks with how to size it for a toddler as well as an older infant (that does involve some math, which explains the slowness of this process). I'd like to make some as Easter gifts, perfect for that transitional time before summer.

Excited. Very.excited.

In preparation, I've been finishing up all of my current works-in-progress so that I can feel light and free in casting on for my spring projects.


It's not really fun to go back to the heavy brown sweater you abandoned back in December to finish it up so that you can focus on what you *really* want to knit, but I press on anyway, because it's the right thing to do. We don't want that sweater to hold a grudge, and it's depressing form sitting atop my desk was just wearing on me. I also finished up a pair of socks, my mystery knit-along gloves, and three shawls recently. *gold star*

This is the shawl that I made for my friend Karen:

That's crocheted, actually. I thought the heathered blue would look lovely with her coloring.

Tonight I'm bound for JoAnn's on my way home to have a look at some self-patterning baby yarn that I discovered online. It's acrylic, but that's ideal for spring, really. You don't really need the warmth of wool then.

ANYWAY, gearing up for a big day tomorrow, as I'm sure you all are too. I will be checking back in with you shortly.

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