Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's official

(1) My kids are very cute. I mean, look at their little faces.

Actual Henry conversation from last night:

"If Mommy makes a special Valentine's Day dinner, Hank, what would you like it to be?"


"We just had pizza from the Super Bowl for the past 3 nights, try again."

"Mozzarella sticks."

"That's sort of the same thing. Something else? How about stuffed chicken?"

"NO! What about, you know, all sorts of stuff."

"What on earth does that mean?"

"You know, cheese and crackers and dips and stuff."


(2) After championing the potty for months, prompting me to buy her her very own little pink potty chair, Anne now hates the potty:


"Ok Sweetie, let's go upstairs to your potty."


*arrive at bathroom*

"Ok Honey, look! It's your very own potty, and it's pink with a little bear on it. Let's get your sleeper and diaper off."



"Here let me help you Sweetie, you're not making this easy."

*Anne struggles*


"I'll get you Elmo if you sit on the potty."

*Anne giggles*

"Ok, THERE!" *manage to finally bend Anne's knees* "Here's Elmo and you're on your potty!"


This is going so well.

(3) Felting is only fun if you *intend* to do it:

 *Mike and Tiffany fold laundry*

"Sweetheart." *holds up sweater that now falls in the vicinity of my belly button* "Did you put this in the dryer? I had it lying out to dry because it's wool."

*deer in the headlights expression*

"Well, but it was LOW HEAT, that should be ok, right?"

"Well, no, Sweetheart. Wool can never go in the dryer."

"But the socks you knit can go in the dryer and they're made of wool."

"That's *Superwash* wool darling. It's treated specifically so that it can go in the machine to wash and dry and not felt. Not all wool is like that."


That about sums it up. He felt really bad though. I'm sure that I can milk this to buy more yarn.

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