Thursday, February 21, 2013

One more week with Pope Benedict XVI, and my long week of teaching finally ends...

I can't believe that Pope Benedict's resignation is now a mere week away. So sad! On the other hand, I'm terribly excited to experience this historic moment in the Church, and to watch coverage of the conclave. Like most of you, this is only the second conclave in my lifetime that I'll have any memory of.

Next Thursday, we're planning to get takeout (my hubby's idea, isn't he wonderful?!) so that we can eat in the living room and watch the news. I know that nothing will really be happening next Thursday aside from the resignation becoming official, but I know there will be tons of news coverage of it and I want to see it.

Other than that, I finally taught my final class for this week. I know that teachers teach multiple classes every single day, but since I'm not as used to it as they are, it just drains me. They all went well, it's just nice to relax for a spell. When I teach, I have to be Super On Librarian Tiffany and I can't rest easy until the class is complete.

This class I just taught was an extremely small upper-level seminar. I had 1 eager beaver, 1 interested but cool, and 1 that looked angry. A typical random sample, I suppose, of the undergraduate population. I got all teachery on them and made them brainstorm for keywords that I wrote up on the white board. My eager beaver added suggestions promptly when asked and wrote everything down carefully. The other interested student offered a comment or two and politely, but quietly, paid attention the entire time. My angry customer demanded to know what the heck this assignment was that I was talking about. Ah, the joys of college life.

I'm bound for home and a glass of wine with my knitting later. I can't wait to ring in the end of a long week.

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