Friday, February 1, 2013

A February welcome...

Many cite February as their least favorite month of the year. I've never minded February, mostly because my birthday is this month. I will grant, I no longer look forward to my birthday the way I used to since each year seems to mean that my visits to various doctors will get more and more depressing. But I've determined that obsessing over age simply isn't worth it. Life is short, we've always known this. If you worry too much, you can't enjoy the time that you do have. So I press on.

I will say one very big announcement about this particular February 1st:


Clearly, Amazon loves me and wants to please me. They also shipped Anne's potty and the Valentines books I picked out for both kids today.


I'm super excited for a Downton Abbey weekend, broken up by really good Super Bowl snacks. And a lot of Downton Abbey inspired knitting. I've begun yet another shawl (an early start on the Lenten shawl knit-along) to donate to the Theme Tray auction at Hank's school, so I've been working on that. Oh, and a pair of Valentine's socks for me, the yarn is smashing. I finished Henry's Finding Nemo socks:

Aren't they precious? I'm happy with the way they turned out. And since he still has small feet, I have a bunch of this yarn left to make at least one more pair of socks.

I envision a happy weekend ahead.

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  1. Cute socks!!!

    Enjoy your Downton marathon--believe it or not, the local PBS station is having a marathon on Sunday here!

    (However, I'll be glued to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.)


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