Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A day of love and appreciation

Well, despite my prevailing Negative Birthday Energy, I had a very nice birthday. It was a Monday, I was not off for President's Day, and my work day was quite 'blah' with an English Composition class to teach and other lesson plans to prepare. That notwithstanding, the day really exceeded my expectations.

I got lots of nice birthday wishes on Facebook, and my knitting group brought me heart cookies, homemade chocolate, and a crocheted bracelet with purple beads to match my amethyst birthstone. When I arrived home, laden with goodies, Mike and the kids had a bottle of Frangelico waiting (I just love the rope tied around the bottle's waist, and who doesn't love spiked coffee?) and some specialty tea. My parents came over later and brought me some lotion and body wash from The Body Shop. Later, Mike and I watched Poltergeist on TCM (I will grant, not exactly a traditional birthday choice, but it worked) and I worked on my Lady Edith shawl. It was lovely.

My long week of teaching continues, but I'm persevering. I wish I could think of something funny to say, but the creek runs dry. That's what happens when your daughter decides to STOP SLEEPING AGAIN. Any remaining brain cells are immediately pressed into service for basic survival skills. Humor is tossed to the wayside.

Here's hoping for a good Wednesday.

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