Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius

See the things you learn when you pray the Liturgy of the Hours? All sorts of interesting things.

On day two of Lent, my resolution to pray morning and evening prayer is going very well, ha! I do love it. If it continues to go well, I'm going to try to continue into the Easter season. We'll see.

Speaking of prayer, I needed the extra power this morning. We had an abysmal night with Anne (day 4 of the Nights of Misery series, coming to a theater near you) and this morning I was in tears. I do well now with one bad night even two. Being beaten down into submission with sleep deprivation will do that do you. Your standards sink immeasurably low. But more than that in one stretch really starts to get me down. I'm hanging in there.

This afternoon, I'm planning some needed grocery shopping followed by picking up Chinese takeout for dinner. Hank and I baked a cake last night and we'll frost it tonight as well. Anything we can do to cheer up is a good thing, I think.


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