Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Winter knitting...

It's still only October and yet I already get the feeling "Mike - Sweater" on my Christmas To-Be-Knit list is going to get the strike out through it yet again. (yikes; reading back through that old blog post makes me realize that some of the referred to projects I *still* haven't gotten to 1 full year later!) And I even have the yarn this year! I am determined to knit it for him this winter, it just may not be this *Christmas*.

The ghosts are coming along. I'm on the foot of sock #1, and I'm feeling optimistic that I may be able to wear them on Halloween night. We'll see, but I'm knitting, knitting along. I'm also working on a pair of mittens for myself to match the hat that I made for this winter. And I have finished up a few gifts.

But yet there's still more. Mittens, toys, socks, dish cloths galore. Lots of gifts to knit. We'll get there.

But some recent additions to our knitted family include:

My fall anklets, the offspring of the ill fated falling leaves socks:

A new crop of hats. Henry:

and Anne modeling her cupcake hat:

A new scarf for me, in a beautiful color gradient yarn:

So I've been busy. I also knit Mike a new hat, knit Anne a sweater and a bunny lovey, and a preemie cap for a baby in need. We're getting there.

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