Friday, October 5, 2012

What's that in my throat?

Oh yeah, it's my heart. I'm nervous. I also have that "I'm so excited I may pee my pants" feeling, which I'm sure you're so glad that I described that way.

I feel good. I really do. This is quite a feat for the girl voted "Shyest" in her senior class. I never liked high school anyway. Who are they to call me shy?!

I mean, I am shy, but they don't have to say it.

I've got to pack my little rolling suitcase tonight with my stuff:

(1) Costume, both parts.

(2) Lots of pins.

(3) Dance shoes.

(4) Veil.

(5) Sword.

(6) Makeup.

(7) Towel to wipe sweat off. (glamour, all glamour...)

(8) Costume jewelry.

(9) iPod.

(10) Cover up.

Sounds like I'm going on the most interesting vacation EVER. Wouldn't the TSA like to have to search this bag?

Anyway, I'll report in on Monday and I'm sure it'll be another epicly long post. Hopefully it will not involve anyone going to the hospital or me running from the dining area sobbing. You'll read it here first.

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