Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Loading up my Advent shopping cart

Ohhhh, Advent is getting closer, and I'm getting so excited. I'm on all kinds of online Catholic store email lists so the other day I headed over to Aquinas & More Catholic Goods to start a shopping cart. I do this all the time even when I don't intend to order that day - I call it "shopping with no money" and it's so, so pleasurable. :) I do it with yarn a lot.

So far I have several Advent calendars in my cart, a chocolate one (a must-have every year for Henry) plus a more traditional one with little windows of pictures to open, a Christmas board book for Anne as well as the new Sunday missal for myself, and the Magnificat Advent Companion. Anne has just started to actually flip through books, rather than just eat and destroy them. The one Advent calendar I'm looking at for Henry comes with a little prayer booklet as I was hoping to get him some kind of devotional for Advent targeted to kids. Does anybody have any suggestions for something like that? I want something for him that he can read each night before he goes to bed.

I'm waiting to hear back from a friend of mine (my new Godchild from last Easter vigil :)) on something that I want to get for her and then I'll send the order in. Aquinas & More actually sent me an email concerned that I had put things in my cart but hadn't checked out; they were worried that I was having a problem. This made me gulp; they can see me shopping with no money? :)

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