Friday, October 19, 2012

Brief Friday update

Well, the ghosts are still misbehaving, but they're being allowed to live. I pulled back a bit and re-started the patterning section on larger needles. Now, the ghosts are appearing just fine and they even seem to be smiling, trying to appease me, BUT, the socks are coming out too big for my foot. :(

However, the solution is simple. It DOES involve me ripping back again, but these things knit up so quick I'm not too broken up by it. I have a needle size that is in between the two I just tried and that *should* make my gauge just right. I've never worked with yarn like this before, and I'm realizing that it's quite tricky to keep your tension such that the patterning works out the way it should PLUS the sizing stays such that the sock will fit you. I have developed an obsessive love for the ghosts, so I'm persevering. No photo for today, but if they cooperate this weekend I'll photograph them then.

In my Year of Faith quest, I've downloaded a few books to read to my Kindle and I'll post about that next week. I'm still brainstorming on other ideas, but in the mean time I'm just keeping up with my prayer life, I figure the answers will come.

I have dance tonight, which I'm looking forward to. We're preparing for a hafla November 10th, and have lots of choreography work to do. I've been listening to lots of music, trying to decide on a solo piece. The beauty of improvisation is that I feel no rush to pick anything. I would like it selected at least a week ahead of time so that I can listen to it and become familiar with it, but other than that, there's no specific preparation required. I can't believe I waited so long to move to improv, it's so wonderful and freeing.

A good weekend ahead. I'm hoping to have a knitting update by Monday. :)

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