Monday, October 15, 2012

Henry's picture day

"Morning Honey, it's time to get up"

*no response*

"Come on Sweetie, go use the bathroom."

*eyelids slit open*

5 minutes later...

"Hank? Are you up?"

*soft rustling sounds*

5 minutes later...

*toilet flushes*

5 minutes later...

"Hank? Wha'cha doing in here Honey?"

*spies Henry lying prone on bed, still clad only in boxer shorts*

"I don't like having my picture tooken, Mommy."

"You mean 'taken.' It'll be fine, Honey. Just please smile. Last year you looked like you were in pain."

"I really don't like picture day, Mommy."

"Well, you'll live. Just remember, if you don't smile, I'm making you go for the Retake Day, so keep your motivation high."

My compassion is overwhelming, is it not?

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