Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A brainstorm for Year of Faith ideas

I've been pondering my Year of Faith activities for a week or so now. I just love themes. Whenever there is a theme year in the Church, or a Jubilee year, or like when JPII announced the new mysteries of the rosary, well...I just about died from excitement on that one. I LOVE stuff like this (and I *heart* John Paul II). When I first about the Year of Faith, I didn't know what to think. I was excited about a theme, but felt adrift with regard to how to celebrate it. A whole year pondering the concept of "faith?" What does that even mean?

As time went on and I heard Catholic bloggers talk about this more and more I came to a conclusion as to how I wanted to approach this special year. Apparently, this is marking the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, and so to me, the Year of Faith is a year of exploring exactly what my faith means to me. How does being Catholic shape the way I live (significantly) and can other see my faith via my actions?

To start off the year, I've started reading some Catholic non-fiction. I've been reading a lot of fiction (and I still do) but I want to have a Catholic book going at all times. Right now, I'm reading Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor: How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church on my Kindle. I love, love, love conversion story books. The stories are so personal and poignant, and it really ignites my own faith to read them. The Surprised by Truth series was *instrumental* in my reversion back to my Catholic faith in law school.

I'm really enjoying the book. The author is a former Methodist pastor who gave up his pastoral career in a gigantic church in the South to become Catholic. He was fairly indifferent to Catholics as a child, not having known very many. But he met a Catholic in divinity school and that started a long seeking process that culminated in his conversion. Good stuff.

I'm not certain what I will read next, but I will keep you posted. :) I'm volleying this with an Amish fiction title and some racing fiction. *snort*

What has everybody else started for the Year of Faith?

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