Thursday, October 11, 2012

DOES THIS EVER END?! In other words, teething...

I found out long ago, when Henry was a baby, that teething is absolutely endless. It seems to start when the baby is approximately one month old and lasts until they start school. Doesn't it seem that way to you too?

I wish they were just born with teeth. I really mean that. Sort of like that freaky half vampire baby in the Twilight series. Many think this poses a challenge to nursing, but I poo-poo them. Nurse a baby with teeth I will do (and have done), but the endless night wakings due to teething pain is just debilitating.

As you might imagine, we're still very much navigating this with Anne. Rest assured (just in case you were worried, snort) that ever since she turned a year old, we've had many, many good nights. It's just that we still have bad ones mixed in there, and lately, more of them.

Last night I could tell Anne wasn't herself. When I put her down, she wouldn't fall asleep right away, and I knew this was a bad sign. Sure enough at 2 am I got The Call. I went in to rock her, and she needed lots and lots of snuggling. My mom has taught her some baby sign language, and she signed to me that she wanted some milk and cookies.

At 2 am? I don't think so, sister.

I rocked and cuddled her for a long time and miraculously, she didn't say a peep when I put her back in her crib, and she went back to sleep. She even slept in a hair later than usual this morning.

But when she did wake up, watch out! She's extra tired because she's not getting enough sleep, rendering her behavior downright cheeky. I caught her very nonchalantly TRAVERSING THE DINING ROOM TABLE. And when you pull her down she kicks and throws herself on the ground in a very dramatic fashion.

Also, I don't know what it is about fleece, but that stuff absorbs odor like nothing I've ever smelled before. When she's teething her sleepers just STINK, all the time. This morning, she was giving off an Eau de Pee Pee, but also that moldy drool scent. YUCKY. Her bath was just over 12 hours ago, and yet she needed another one.


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  1. Teething must be rough all around!

    She signed for milk and cookies in the middle of the night!? I hope a cuddle was just as good if not better.

    They are almost a little too clever when they learn signing, aren't they? My impish middle nephew used to sign that he needed a diaper change, but then when his parents would take off his diaper and find nothing he'd giggle!


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