Thursday, September 13, 2012

You'll be relieved to know...

...that I'm eons less cranky today than I was yesterday. The reason being that I got more than 4 hours of sleep last night. And boy did I need it.

When I left work yesterday (early, I just couldn't take it anymore; I was resorting to glaring poison darts any colleague who prolonged the painful meeting I was at), my head was throbbing and I could barely keep my eyes open. Plus, it was HOT in my car, and you know how I feel about THAT. I wasn't exactly Happy Tiffany at this time yesterday. So it's pleasing that things are different today.

After our disastrous night with Anne the other day, I risked amputation of my index finger to reach into her mouth and assess if any new choppers had come through the gum. On the upper left side, I felt a brand new molar.

*angels sing*

So hopefully we'll get a reprieve for a bit. We really need it.

I was feeling sorry for myself last night, and so curled up on the couch with Mike to watch Best in Show (love that movie) and knit. I'm working on a hat and mittens for myself, and this particular set uses a knitting technique that was previously unfamiliar to me: entrelac.

Entrelac means that you knit rectangles on the bias in such a way that they appear to be woven. It's very pretty, although I think we can all agree that there are many, MANY entrelac patterns out there in which the finished items look bulky and odd. Just do a search on Ravelry and you'll see what I'm talking about. *shudder*

But anyway, my hat and mittens. The hat is coming along nicely, and I'm now decreasing for the crown.The hat is designed to be slouchy, and I'm just hoping that when I'm done the result will be "cute!" and not "her head looks like a giant mushroom!" See bulky concern, supra. Here is the picture from the pattern:

I have the pink colorway, called the "creamsicle" colorway, which pretty much sealed the deal on me purchasing the kit. Who wouldn't love a creamsicle hat and mittens?!

Hopefully it will come out well. The other thing I'm working on is a pair of candy corn slipper socks. My favorite Halloween candy of all time.

Tonight I'm meeting some friends for dinner at a local Mediterranean restaurant and my dance teacher is performing there. Wine, hummus, good friends, and belly dancing, what could be better? Life is good.

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