Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Advent Wreath Shipped!

It's all very exciting! The nativity advent wreath that I ordered last month finally shipped. It was on back order for quite some time. It's not like I need it imminently or anything, but I was worried that it would remain on back order until well after Advent began, so I'm relieved that it's on it's way.

As for my ability to type anything else today, you've about reached my capacity. Anne is still getting us up very early in the morning and I taught 2 classes this morning, which tends to wipe me out. I'm looking forward to a nice evening of knitting, tea, and Mike.

Oh! Today is Tuesday, which means "Aerial America" is on the Smithsonian Channel tonight. Has anybody else seen this show? They have hour-long profiles of all 50 states, it's fascinating. We're such nerds.

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